Saturday, June 18, 2005

The True Purrsuit

This is what I've wanted for a long time. As long as I can remember, to be honest. Just... a friend. A little furry friend to cuddle, cherish, hold and fuss over. I'm not a very social person by any means. Sure, I have friends. But I don't like going out (amazing for someone my age) and doing things a lot, I'm a very home-centered individual. I'm most comfortable here. But there are only so many people to keep my company. With my parents working, my brothers and their sports, girlfriends, etc... I'm usually pretty lonely here.

I really want a kitty. Just someone who will lay beside me, watch TV with me, cuddle with me, sleep with me, talk to me, play with me... I want to give my love unconditionally, I want to care and spoil my friend in return.

I am mentally ready to accept the responsibility. I am completely and throughly responsible for the things I do, and my parents now trust me with a lot of things they didn't trust me with before. I'm growing as an individual, but stunted slightly by this cat-shaped hole in my heart.

What kind of cat do I want?

I hope this doesn't sound too terribly close-minded of me, but, it's been a selfish little dream of mine to get a white, long-haired female cat/kitten. Since I was little, I've always wanted one... It's kind of a childhood thought that hasn't faded. Is it bad to know what you want already? I mean, it probably sounds so incredibly mean that I'd pass up dozens of perfect cats just because they don't look a certain way. Is that a prejudice? Does that automatically make me a bad cat-mommy? Of course, I want my cat to be extremely affectionate, quiet, gentle and loving to be fussed over. If I saw a cat that fit the physical description, but was a mean, crabby cat-- I would certainly not pick that one. I just feel guilty for excluding hundreds of cats from my mind because I want only one apperance. Makes me feel really bad, but it's just a guit-ridden dream of mine.

That being said, though, I'm not going to any fancy breeders or anything. I am completely positive that I am going to the Humane Society to get my furry friend. I'd rather have a cat who needs love and attention...

Though I'd love to have two cats, that isn't a possibility right now. My parents & I can't afford to have two cats when they have three mouths to feed and house bills to pay off. It just can't happen right now. When I move out, I certainly plan to add to my cat-family. But for now, I can only have one.

And as much as I melt when I see a kitten, it'd be easier for us to get an adult cat. I think a lot of grown cats miss out on homes because people naturally gear towards the kittens. Not saying that if you get a kitten, you're bad or anything. I'd just rather get a cat that is already litter-trained and accostumed to different living conditions. I hear they also make easier shelter-to-home transitions.

I already have some names lined up. Hopefully that isn't a bad thing either? I know that you should name your cat once you have it, but I've got a small list of ones I like that would fit a variety of different personalities. I don't have any positive names yet, because I don't have the cat yet, but... These are the names I really like.

For a girl:
  • Aurora (I've always loved the name, it's just got a beautiful ring to it. And the meaning also paints a gorgeous picture in my mind. "Bringer of the Dawn". She was a Roman Goddess who brought on the sun after night faded, had a chariot of white horses she rid across the sky, etc... I am in love with this name!!!)
  • Ivory
  • Diamond
  • Princess ( I plan to probably put this in front of any name I choose because I've always wanted a cute little princess kitty! )
For a boy:

  • Romeo
  • Augustus ( "Auggie")
  • Leonardo ( "Leo" )
  • Angelo
  • Charles ("Charlie")
Anyhow... Those are some names... They're all subject to change. I just like to make lists of certain things. Keeps me organized.

I've also browsed different adoptable pets online from area shelters. I've currently got two I have my heart set on. Would you like to see them? =)

Image hosted by

Isn't she gorgeous? She's a dainty (tiny) fully grown Persian Mix. She's located only about 70 miles away in Saint Paul, MN. On the site, it said she was very affectionate, loves to be fussed over and is quite the monarch of the group... I'm contacted the shelter through e-mail. They haven't gotten back to me yet, though.

Image hosted by

This is the male canidate. He's a full white persian, located a bit further north than the cities. He was abandoned, but that's all I know about him. I also contacted the shelter last night, they have yet to get back to me as well.

What do you guys think about all this?

Quite frankly, I'm nervous.

Friday, June 17, 2005

First Cat, My Current Situation & "The Slothman"

Since I was a little girl, I loved kittens in particular. I actually had one, but I was only about 5 or 6. I remember going to the humane society and looking at cages and cages of cats... I saw a tiny kitten (an orange one with white-ish stripes) and I was in love. I think I actually named it "Cutie" first. (What do you expect from a 5 year old?) But the cat had a different name everyday... I was a creative little thing. :)

Anyhow, I was a very affectionate cat-sibling... Perhaps way too affectionate. I think from the get go, I scared the cat with my very motherly ways. He ended up growing very scared of me as he grew up. To the point where he would scratch, hiss, spit and nip at me--and everyone else. I think he learned to be fearful of humans that way... But I loved him so much that I didn't care, and still pressed on, trying to show him that I loved him!

My mother was not (and still isn't) a cat person, and, (close your ears cat lovers!) despised my cat... Especially when he would hurt me. But my mother didn't understand I was the root of the cat's problems. She didn't know enough to teach me how to properly play with him. Though, I was a very responsible little girl, and always cleaned the box, kept the water and food fresh, etc...

Well, one day, the cat and I were having our usual play session (which would mean me hugging, kissing and holding the cat, much to his unhappiness.) And he ended up scratching and biting me until my arms were bleeding. That was when my mother drew the line. The next day, when I was in school, she took the cat to the pound.

I remember coming home to a house with no kitty. I pleaded with my mother to tell me where the cat was, and she had actually said that he had ran away, but found a nice home to live. Though it was probably not true, what would you tell a 1st grader?

I thought this for years, until last summer, she revealed that she had taken him to the pound. I was a bit angry with her... I mean, my mom isn't really the villan of the story. She was just ignorant in the handling of cats, and I was of course, too young to understand the concept that all kitties don't like to be suffocated with love...

That was my first cat.

As heartbreaking as the tale is, I'm finally old enough to understand the concept of loving a cat without scaring him/her. I'm also have a lot more knowledge about cats, my parents are more supportive, and I now live in a house with no one under the age of 12. It'll be easier on the cat, my family and I... Definitely.

I am anxious to adopt a cat, to say the least. But I can't even think about browsing yet. You see, we might move out of the house we're in now (legal problems, etc.) and if we have to move out, we could be going somewhere that cats might not be allowed. It'd be very difficult for me to get attached to a cat and have to give it up... that's why my parents told me "we'll see if we're moving and then talk about it."

They're not "cat people" by any means, which makes my situation very difficult.

Not that they would hurt that cat by any means. But my mother is a "clean freak" by nature, and would most likely cite the cat as more work than anything. That's just her way, I don't blame her for anything and I can't change her feelings--it's just difficult to show my parents that material things aren't always important.

They still see cats as property.

Which angers me, but, they're my parents, and they are in charge of things that go on in the house. Though I would like to get one, it's ultimately up to them if I get one or not.

I'm probably making them sound evil--they're really not.

We could have had this whole "house" mess solved in an instant if our attorney would just pep up and get our paperwork filed. But it's taken him months to get thus far (not even halfway). He's just slow as molasses in January. My parents and I have aptly given him the nickname "The Slothman"... =)

Though they don't much like cats, I think that they'll let me get one if everything turns out and we stay here (or move to a place where cats are allowed).

What kind of cat? Why? Where? The basic questions will be asked in my next post. Hopefully I didn't bore you all. =\

The First Post: Hope through anxiousness.

I can't believe I'm jumping on the cat blog bandwagon. Heh... I don't even have one yet! That makes me feel like a total loser, to be honest. I'm surrounded by so many people that are totally priveledged to co-exist with one of the most beautiful creatures on earth...

And I am making a cat-blog when I don't have one. That will hopefully change soon, though.

The real reason for the creation of this blog is one thing. Narration through my worries of being a first time cat mommy. Which is a slightly weird title for me to even think of, considering the fact that I'm a 15 year old teenager, not even old enough to be a true mother to a human. I am showing the world that my generation, faulted for being lazy, rebellious and apathetic-- can also be responsible and loving towards animals, in paticular, felines.

(collective sigh.)

Though, my inspiration is, of course, the ever popular "New Cat City: My First Adoption".

I think I spent about three hours last night, just following the daily lives of Avram, his fiancee, and their never-ending quest through being cat-parents. I am now caught up with the current lives of the adorable Arthur and Beowulf, though it took me most of the night to read from November `04 to the current...

Yes, I have no life and summer tends to be a boring time for me.

Agh, too much talk! Basically, this is my first post on my blog, and I'll be (hopefully) elaborating on my current situation tomorrow. It's pretty late, I'm tired, so, good night! =)